• Cheers!

    Today we have celebrated Tim’s achievements and the end of the Toastmasters Year. Let the New Year begin!:)

  • Speakathon – the speech bonanza ! \o/

    8 speeches from all walks of life in a day! From law and travel to home gadgets and healthcare. Everybody has learnt a tremendous amount of useful info, had lot’s of fun and enjoyed some nibbles.

  • From holidays and happiness to Ashworts and AMSR.

    Full on meeting with 4 speakers, Grammarian and Table topics!

  • Cultural Intelligence and Inclusive Culture

    Eva has promoted inclusive culture and it benefits at the workplace for achieving success as well as promoting personal development in individuals.

  • Welcome onto and back

    2 welcomes took place today. One welcome onto the stage from Ellie and one welcome back to Philipp who returned back from his travels.